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Financial Consultancy
financial consultancy

FINECUS provides a full set of value added services to help our clients to plan, design and implement comprehensive risk management services customized for their unique needs. These services include financial and software consultancies on Market Risk, Credit Risk, Scoring, BaselII, Asset-Liability Managament, Enterprise Risk Management projects.

Our financial consultancy services help our clients to be able to use the latest techniques and financial instruments that are available on the market. FINECUS gives financial consultancy on developing financial projects, validating the existing projects and on making the ongoing projects more efficient and useful.

Our teams are experienced with almost all the local risk management projects performed at the leading banks of Turkey. This expertise helps us to guide our clients on achieving their projects timely, efficiently, effectively and with comprehensice coverage. We passionately believe that our customers should have a clear understanding of the cause-effect relation at all stages. Therefore FINECUS focuses on clearing out all the black boxes and making even the most advanced and technical topics understandable for the users.

All our software projects includes the financial and software consultancy services as well as the trainings.

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