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Software Consultancy
software consultancy

FINECUS provides a full set of value added services to help our clients to plan, design and implement comprehensive risk management services customized for their unique needs. These services include financial and software consultancies on Market Risk, Credit Risk, Scoring, BaselII, Asset-Liability Managament, Enterprise Risk Management projects.

Our software consultancy services help our clients to effectively implement their software development projects. It is extremely crucial to have a forward looking point of view starting from creating a database, planning the functionalities of the software, having an eye on the critical issues that may cause a problem and designing the best reports that fits to our clients objects. FINECUS focuses on clearing all the black-boxes even for the most advanced technical topics, handling critical problems that may be faced, transforming the latest financial theories and developments into practice and helping the clients to follow up on the right track, getting the most efficient, accurate and comprehensive results that are available in the market.

Our teams are experienced with almost all the local risk management projects performed at the leading banks of Turkey. This expertise helps us to guide our clients on achieving their projects timely, efficiently, effectively and with comprehensive coverage.

All our software projects includes the financial and software consultancy services as well as the trainings.

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